Construction Objects

Nord Stream gas pipeline consists of two runs, which are 1,224 km long, each with a throughput of 27.5 billion m3 of gas per year.

The construction of the first run began in April 2010 and was completed in June 2011. The installation of the second pipeline run started in May 2011 and was finalized in April 2012.

The gas pipeline connects the energy system of the European Union to the largest natural gas fields directly through the Baltic Sea. Both pipeline runs will be able to supply annually 55 billion m3 of gas for at least 50 years. Such volume will be sufficient to meet the needs of more than 26 million of households and businesses in the EU Member States. It takes the gas delivered from the Russian end of the pipeline 12 days to reach the pipeline end located in Germany.

  • 148 sea vessels were involved in construction
  • Number of pipeline chainages: 199,755
  • Weight of one pipeline chainage: 24 tonnes
  • he total amount of steel used in the gas pipeline construction is 2.42 million tonnes