Construction Objects

The Ostakino Tower is the world’s fifth-tallest free-standing structure after the Burj Khalifa  Skyscraper, Dubai; Heaven Tree Tokyo, Guangzhou TW Tower and the CN Tower, Toronto. The broadcasting tower is 540 m high.

The decision to erect the tower was made in 1957. Construction was underway from 1963 to 1967. The idea to use prestressed concrete, compressed with steel wire ropes, made the tower structure simple and durable. Another progressive idea was to use relatively shallow foundation: the tower almost stands on the ground and its sustainability is ensured due to the fact that the cone foundation mass exceeds manifold the mast structure mass.

The weight of the TV tower, including its foundation, is 51,400 tonnes. 149 steel-wire ropes, fixed to the wall at 7-meter intervals, help the tower to remain balanced and vertical.

The reinforced concrete support of the whole structure is a cone-shaped thin-wall shell, which stands with its 10 reinforced concrete “feet” on the “banquettes” of the foundation. The shell lower base is 60.6 m in diameter; 18 m, at the level of 63 meters of height. The upper part of the TV tower trunk, starting from the height of 321 m, has a cylindrical shape; the outer diameter of the cylinder being 8.1 m. The walls near the TV tower base are 500 mm thick.

The volume of the tower premises is about 70 thousand m3 and their approximate area is 15 thousand m2. The main tower view is 337 meters high.