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Baikonur, the world’s first and largest cosmodrome, islocated in the Kyzylorda Province, Kazakhstan, and occupies an area of 6,717 km². The cosmodrome official birthday is June 2, 1955


For many decades, Baikonur was the main testing platform for intercontinental ballistic missiles and the main spaceship launch site. A whole range of revolutionary breakthroughs of humankind into space originated in the testing ground pads: the first intercontinental missile, the first artificial satellite orbiting the Earth, the first man in space.

The cosmodromeand the testing ground have evolved continuously to hit record highs in themselves. Now, it is not only the first cosmodromein human history but also the world’s largest one. At present, the testing ground features 15 launch facilities and the current area occupied by the testing ground exceeds 0.67 million ha. In 50 years, more than 1,500 spacecrafts and over 100 intercontinental ballistic missiles were launched from the testing ground launch sites, 38 main types of missiles and more than 80 types of spacecrafts were tested. The town of Baikonur has grown near the Baikonur testing ground and cosmodrome.