Construction Objects
The materials of EUROCEMENT group Holding were used in the construction of new Saint Petersburg underground stations such as Obvodny Kanal and Volokov.

As part of the Saint Petersburg underground development, it is planned to build 41 stations and to lay down at least 70 kilometers of railways.


As early as 2013, the line will be laid beyond Komendantsky Prospekt. 4 new stations will be built and the line will be named Primorsky Radius. In the northern part of the city, the line will end in the Kamensky District. The orange line will be extended beyond Sadovaya; by 2014, a new station named Teatralnaya will be added. In 2016, Narodnaya station will be built at the end of the line on the northern bank of the Neva River. EUROCEMENT group is the supplier of cement, concrete and aggregates for the construction of those stations too.