Construction Objects

The building occupying a total of 79,114 m2 will become one of the world’s best equipped theater and concert venues. The audience hall can accommodate up to 2,000 spectators.

It features the main, rehearsal and back stages, rehearsal rooms for ballet, opera, choir and orchestra.

The outer envelope of the building is made of beige Jurassic marble, cut with high floor-to-ceiling windows of varied dimensions and topped with a metal rooftop. Owing to the windows the building outlooks the indoor entrance hall of the theater on the outside and the Kryukov Channel on the inside. Above the main theater entrance (the cross-section of Dekabristov Street and the Kryukov Channel), there is a rectangular glass and metal canopy. The terraces and the amphitheater located on the building roof afford an outstanding view of the city. In warm season, it will host chamber concerts.

The double-layer main lobby is decorated with the illuminated onyx walls, surrounding the audience hall. The floor is faced with Emperador marble. Numerous windows, which outlook Dekabristov Street and the Kryukov Channel, are decorated with panels made of beige Jurassic marble. The glass façade ensures natural light in the lobby during the day. In the evenings, the lobby is illuminated by the pendant luminaires tailor-made by Swarovski. The lobby offers an exceptionally picturesque view of the Mariinsky Theateron the opposite channel bank. 

The audience section is designed as an integrated component of the entire building and creates a feeling of involvement in the theatrical performance. Several staircases spring out from the lobby, including a 33-meter-high unique staircase of architectural glass, situated in the northern part and uniting all above-ground building levels. The lobby is divided into a few separate zones of varied size. The lobby amphitheater, located on the 3rdfloor, will be used for educational projects, interactive awareness-raising programs for children and youngsters, chamber concerts and art exhibitions.