Construction Objects


The Sochi 2014 Olympics will be the most space-saving in the history of winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. In conformity with the concept 11 sport venues are located in two clusters – Mountain and Coastal Cluster; for the convenience of athletes and spectators the organizers plan to create a convenient transport system, which includes the construction of rapid railroad and highway.


Sochi 2014 is a tremendous national-scale project and participation in preparation for the Games is a great honor and a lot of responsibility too.

EUROCEMENT group contributed to the Olympic Games history, too. The materials of the Holding Company were used in building a number of Sochi 2014 facilities, including Gorky Gorod and RusSki Gorki Jumping Center, one of the most impressive sport venues of the Games. 


RusSki Gorki 

The jumping center is located on the northern slope of the Aibga Ridge in close proximity to Esto-Sadok village. The facility’s location at the junction of two ridges was selected by international experts in order to make ski-jumping facilities harmonious with the surrounding landscape and to protect athletes from side winds.

The complex has the latest Olympic K-95 and K-125 ski jumps and has a capacity for up to 7,500 spectators.