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General Director

Vitaly Gorgolyuk

Established in: 1963
Capacity: 4,447 million tonnes of cement per year

64200, Ukraine, Kharkov Region,
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(8-10-380-57) 728-29-29
Fax +3805749 2-36-45
Website http://eurocement.ua/
 The plant is certified as compliant with ISO 9001:2008.

EUROCEMENT GROUP JSC Ц UKRAINE is one of UkraineТs largest industrial producers of construction materials. The industrial site on which the production facility is located is 70 km off the industrial center of Ukraine Ц the city of Kharkov. The raw materials base for cement production is Shchebekinskoye chalk and clay deposit.

EUROCEMENT GROUP JSC Ц UKRAINE has developed, implemented and certified quality management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 standard of TNO Certification, the Netherlands. All products of EUROCEMENT GROUP JSC Ц UKRAINE hold the radiation safety certificate. Landesmaterialprufamt Sachsen Ц Anhalt, Magdeburg, Germany, has certified four types of cement produced by the production facility: EN 197-1 Ц CEM I 42.5 N, EN 197-1 Ц CEM II/A Ц S 32.5 R, EN 197-1 Ц CEM II/B Ц S 32.5 N, EN 197-1 Ц CEM III/A 32.5 N, as compliant with the European standard EN 197-2.

The plant produces the following grades of cement: 

Standard cements 

  • PC I-500-N 
  • PC II/A-S-400 R 
  • PC II/B-S-400 S
  • PC III/A-400 
  • Portland cement for production of asbestos-cement products (PC for ACP)
  • Sulphate resisting slag Portland cement (SPC-400-D 60) 
  • Oilwell Portland cement (PCO I-100) 
  • Oilwell Portland cement (PCO I-50) 
  • Portland cement clinker 

The plant is equipped with three packing lines for cement filling into typical bags (50 kg), with the production capacity of 1,050,000 tonnes per year, and big bag cement filling line (1-1.5 tonnes), with the production capacity of 230,000 tonnes per year.

The products of EUROCEMENT GROUP JSC Ц UKRAINE are supplied virtually to all areas of Ukraine and exported.

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