Sustainable Development

EUROCEMENT group places a great emphasis on environmental protection issues in the regions in which the Holding Company operates. Our entities are equipped with in-house high-precision laboratories and equipment for environmental monitoring and cooperate intensely with the leading professionals and scientists in environmental monitoring and occupational safety.



The EUROCEMENT group Holding entities implement environmental projects aimed at reducing air emissions:

  • Replacement and upgrading of electric filters inrotary cement kilns
  • Rehabilitation of the electric filters of cement grinding mills
  • Installation of aspiration systems on raw meal silos
  • Rehabilitation of dust-and-gas cleaning equipment
  • Installation of state-of-the-art dust-removing equipment in the sections of finished product loading onto railcars and bulk cement trucks
  • Installation of state-of-the-art equipment in the laboratories of cement plants for exercising prompt control of compliance with the existing emission and discharge standard values

As a result of production line upgrading, the volume of air emissions of the EUROCEMENT group entities decreased several times and the current value is much below the maximum allowed indicators.



Since 2007, some open pits of EUROCEMENT group Holding have switched to blastless raw materials extraction technology. Drilling-and-blasting operations and rock crushing mechanisms (jaw crushers) have been removed from the process technology. The abandonment of a number of traditional mining production processes such as drilling, hole loading, blasting, coarse and medium crushing results in the reduced environmental impact of mining production.



The EUROCEMENT group Holding entities implement state-of-the-art equipment for wastewater treatment.